Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rincon Classic Video Contest at CI

This 2013 I am excited to be on the official staff for the annual locals only event, The Rincon Classic Surf competition. Contest director Chris Keets introduced a new video contest this year and he asked me to be the host with him. I was a little nervous but I was stoked to announce everyone's videos at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands Shop and help out with Demi Bolsteri's raffle for her to get on the ASP Women's World Tour. Thanks again to the Santa Barbara Independent for hosting the video voting on their site, Mad Dogs for providing yummy treats, Caribbean Coffee for getting us all jacked up, and Surf Happens for hosting the event.  

Surf Happens Chris, Jenny, and Maddox Keet
more groms
Dave Schauber
Ethan from the Independent 
Jenny Keet, Maddox and I
Branden and Valerie Aroyan

Adam Lambert Vern and Cole Robbins Vern
Presenting Demi at CI
Frank Curren
Congrats to Sean Lesh for winning the video contest !

rincon from Sean Lesh on Vimeo.
a few words from surfer/shaper/artist Matt Moore, about Rincon.

Contest Results:

5. Branden Aroyan "The Cove"

4. Michael Kew "Bro"
Brothers Adler.
Brothers Gordon.
Santa Barbara, California.
Camera/Edit: Michael Kew
Song: "Brother" by Johnny McCann (available on iTunes)

3. Demi Boelsterli "Rincon Saves Lives"

2. Dave Schauber "Duck Man"
A Rincon segment featuring Channel Islands Team Riders - Ke11y, Dane, B-Mart, Kilgar, and T.C. - Song is by MegaPuss......They all surf so check em out and buy their album. 

Filmed and Edited by Dave Schauber - Additional Clips and Color Correction by J.P. Taylor

1. Sean Lesh "Rincon"
see above 

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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