Saturday, January 5, 2013

Juice Ranch SB

Last Christmas I requested a juicer and Santa fulfilled my wishes. Since then, I have been going in and out of my juicing and I am happy to say that I am back on the juice program.With the help and motivation of a new juice bar in town, I am on my way into a healthy 2013. Couple Erin Gomez and Scott Walker have collaborated together to open Santa Barbara's first organically pressed juicery the Juice Ranch. I can't stop drinking their Almond Milk... from someone who drinks Whole Milk everyday, I just found a new love. The thing I love about juicing is that I just keep adding it to my diet, so I am not substituting or going on a cleanse, yet. I am just getting more vitamins per day by having a couple cups of fresh juice! Stoked on the Juice Ranch's creative recipes! Make sure to stop by their spot in the Funk Zone right across the street from Yoga Soup and say hello!
Juice Ranch Owners Scott Walker and Erin Gomez
Each bottle is $2 which is part of the recycle program at the Juice Ranch. So you can either return your bottles and receive $2 off your purchase or get charged the $2, juice is $10 with the bottle. There is something about the juice that tastes so yummy from the glass and I have also found that you can use these bottles for your own juicing and they work great. 
Juice Ranch feature in The Independent 
Owner Erin Gomez and juice specialist & nutritionalist Megan Santana 
The great thing about the Juice Ranch is that they use a Cold Press to make their juice. I didn't know there was different ways to make juice before I got into it so I wanted to make sure you knew the difference.

Centrifugal Juicers Vs Cold Pressed Juicers 

These appliances extract juice from fruit with an internal high-speed blade that spins against a metal strainer. The juice is separated from the flesh of the fruit by the centrifugal force generated by the blade and strainer separates the juice from the flesh of the fruit.

Cold-press juicers (sometimes referred to as masticating juicers) also produce juice from whole fruit. Instead of cutting fruit like centrifugal juicers, cold-press juicers chew or mash fruit to extract juice. Gears inside cold-press juicers compress fruits, vegetables and greens to squeeze out the juices. These juicers keep the juice intact, meaning naturally-occurring nutrients are retained in the extraction process.

Juice from a Cold-Press Appliance- Many health-conscious people prefer cold-press juicers to centrifugal juicers because they operate with lower heat. This lower heat setting keeps fruit enzymes intact. Since cold-press juicers mash fruit, they do not oxidize nutrients found in the fruit. They are believed to produce a more pure juice, as the finished product does not differ greatly from the juice inside the fruit.

I personally do not have a Cold Press Juicer, they range from $400+ but totally worth the investment in the end. 

I personally think these two drinks are my favorites so far from the Juice Ranch, the Almond Joy and the Pink Panther.

Hope you can make it down there to try it out for yourself. 
33 Parker Way Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

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