Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Half Cab by Vans

Well I just saw this on TB's tweet.

Kind of bummed the used the same color wave as the Todd Bratrud Volcom line.
They did jock the scales a lil bit. But after some more research, I discovered this:

The scales have been on there since the first OG Cab Vans came out in the early 90's. They were actually biting the Jordan III by NIke (Although they probably wouldn't admit it), but with dragon-like scales ... since Cab has always been identified by his Powell Peralta Dragon graphics since he's part Japanese.

The Jordan III was the next most popular shoe after the original Jordan which they all wore in Animal Chin. Another thing is that the Jordan III was the first popular Mid-Top basketball shoe and at that same time, we were cutting Cab Vans down to mid-tops or even low tops.

Then I read this link and confirmed it was a bite!
It reads: "Here we see a Vans Half Cab scheduled late this year or early next where you can definitely tell Todds influence" NO SHIT!

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