Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Steez

Yesterday was overwhelming for me, as will be today. Not only did I have an amazing day, but when I came home, I had a little present waiting for me from Costa Mesa. I got two signed Creature Skateboards 'Vikings of Hesh' prints from Todd Bratrud. I will post the pics soon, but shit is out of control! I first saw the 'Vikings Ship' at Church of Skatan... and had to have it. And I got it. I scanned some of my work/ sketches last night too, so here it is... More on my Character Case Study.

Above, I was so inspired by Creature that I wanted to create a dark/ gothic pin-up while using the green and purple combination of colors. She is a cutie, but I am sure she will transform later on, as she is in her infancy of development. I am also planning on a doing a huge Lily Munster.

This chic will just beat your ass. My favorite part of this sketch is the camel on the left.
On the right, this character has stars around her because she is one of my favorites.
Tribute to Olvia. See her shit on the right- her link is there. But I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It is different from the characters, she is more real, and gets you where it hurts.
Manga Bishou is straight up hyphy.

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