Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturdays NYC:: Bruce Weber

Just recently, I was gifted a new magazine called Saturdays NYC. I didn't put the magazine down, which is thick and heavy much like a coffee table book, for a couple of days and was very delighted and inspired by it's content. Saturdays NYC is a brand that currently has it's flagship retail location in SoHo, New York, with another in West Village, and two in Japan. I often feel so far removed from what is going on in NYC that it is refreshing to be reminded that yes, there is in fact a group of like minded individuals who enjoy surfing and its' culture there. While immersed in the Saturdays' glossy pages, I came across a spread on fashion photographer Bruce Weber. I was awe struck not only by his amazing ability to photograph men (just google him), but his knack to capture that special something about surfers that we all love- their blonde hair, tan faces, broad shoulders, and their ability to have fun all of the time. Just look at this picture of Laird Hamilton! AYE. Issue #2 has photographs of Christian Fletcher, Laird Hamilton (with Brooke Shields), Matt Archbold, Buzzy Kerbox, and more. Weber bridged the gap between surfers and the fashion industry and I can't thank him enough. Make sure to check out Saturdays NYC.
Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox, & friends for GQ
The Malloy Brothers, Kelly Slater, & Rob Machado
Kala Alexander for a cover of L'Uomo Vogue

Herbie Fletcher photographing Bruce Irons

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