Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exploring Ubud

My vacation to Bali would not have been complete without a trip inland to the town of Ubud. Kilian and I had spent many days at the beach and the thought of cooler temperatures, yoga, and site seeing sounded perfect. We spent a total of four days and three nights in Ubud and absorbed as many cultural experiences as we could including a visit to the Sacred Monkey Forest, breathtaking views of the famous rice terraces, spiritual experinces at Isanta Tampak Siring spring temple, coffee tasting at Satria coffee plantation, an evening of Balinese dance performances, eating at popular health conscious restaurants that put our taste buds on sensory overload, an elephant ride at Taro Park, and more. It was a part of my travels that I will never forget. I can't express the gratitude I have right now for being able to enjoy these experiences. 
Our view upon arrival to Ubud while eating a late lunch. 
Isanta Tampak Siring's koi pond was absolutely gorgeous.
Local Balinese children enjoying their summer vacation at Isanta Tampak Siring. 
Kilian blessing himself at Isanta Tampak Siring spring.
Local Life
Beautiful Hindu statues are everywhere in Bali.
A local boy enjoying the holy water at Isanta Tampak Siring.
The long vines inside the monkey forest.
A baby monkey atop a tree branch.
Kilian cruzing inside the Sacred Monkey Forest. 
With as many monkey babies as I saw, I am sure this type of behavior happens all the time!
Statues inside the Monkey Forest
Kilian and I having a tourist moment inside the Sacred Monkey Forest 
A family of monkeys posed perfectly for my photo.
A large dragon statue that lined the stairs inside the Monkey Forest.
A Momma and her Baby.
A monkey borderline assaulting Kilian for a banana. 
Enjoying a moment at Tegalalang rice terraces. 
Coffee beans with their different processes from freshly picked beans to roasted.
The famous Luwak whom notoriously poops out the best coffee in Bali. 
Coffee and tea tasting at the Satria Coffee Plantation. 
The Luwak Coffee was pretty good!
On top of an elephant at the Taro Elephant Park. 
Jungle rides on the elephant. 
The grand finale of our elephant ride. 
Posing in front of a wall at the Ubud Palace. 
Rice Terrace Fields of Tegalalang
Sanggar Seni Nritta Dewi dancers
One of the many performers at Sanggar Seni Nritta Dewi.
The art of Balinese dance is in the hands and eyes. 
The Ubud Palace. 
Simply gorgeous in Ubud.

Thank you again for checking out my travel blog on Bali. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast...

The D of DNA said...

Awesome photos. Love that part of the world.

Villa Amala said...

the photos looks wonderful