Saturday, April 27, 2013

Santa Barbara Earth Day 2013

Earth Day in Santa Barbara is one of the most celebrated days in our city. I think SB owes it to the fact that Earth Day was founded in Santa Barbara in 1970 after an oil spill off the California Coast. The festivities at Alameda Park almost top that of our annual Summer Solstice celebration, I know how dare I say that, but I truly believe that Earth Day is getting bigger each year and there is just so much great information, environment awareness, yummy food stands, and great people who care about living healthy and our beautiful Mother Earth! I love all the booths, sponsors, and electrical cars on display at Earth Day, so much info and fun to absorb. We truly were blessed this year with amazing weather. It was another one for the books and I would imagine that next year will be even better and bigger, I can't wait!
Health Pioneer & Crusader Patricia Bragg of Bragg
Salt Candles! Love these things to eliminate negative ions and energy
This lil Hawk representing the Ojai Raptor Center, I was at this booth for sooo long admiring these beautiful creatures what a wonderful treat to see some of them up close. Most of them are rescued birds that cannot be re-released to the wild so they are taken into care for educational purposes.
Kilian riding the Plastic Wave
Yummy new flavors to sample of Cliff Bar
This Screech Owl was so f-ing cute. He was my favorite, so much personality. He was blind in one eye and that is why he is not in the wild. Poor lil fella, but he is being well taken care of.
Patricia Bragg and I at the Bragg's booth
Beautiful headdresses on display, I love this goddess wear.. perfect for any festival. Making your own is so simple and eas... and cheaper:)
Met up with one of my best friends Kyle and and his wife Ashley Hollister. Love these two.
Another absolutely gorgeous owl. They are incredibly smart, I swear every time I went to take a picture of him he turn his head at me. It was awesome!
These two were quite entertaining. After watching the lady dance for a while, I realized she had a snake on her arm! What an unexpected surprise. They were having a good time and that made me happy.
Getting pitted at the Earth Day festival... so pitted.
Everyone grooving to the bands.

And last but not least my favorite bird ever, the Red Tailed Hawk. This adult female was so laid back and relaxed, she was just so happy hanging out. The reps from the Rapture Center said she is their best bird and is super lazy and non skiddish. She was just so stoic! I was mesmerized by her!
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