Friday, March 1, 2013

Prima Love

My cousins might as well be my sisters ...I have one brother, but it's not the same as a sister... and I can't tell you enough how much love I have for them all. My mother is the youngest out of 7 in a Mexican family so needless to say I have a lot of cousins... About a week ago my cousin Melissa came over from Maui and in celebration, my other cousin Andrea came up from San Diego and Melissa's sister Rebecca drove up from Manhattan Beach. We spent the day up in Los Olivios wine tasting and had a special time at Demetria. I highly recommend wine tasting in the Valley, you will have an amazing time. If you want to go to Demetria, call ahead of time and make an appointment. Make sure to pick up a lunch at Panino before and bring it along since most properties and vineyards allow you to bring your own picnic.  Who would have known it is Winter...

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