Monday, February 18, 2013

Retna X Louis Vuitton

As an avid fan of street art and the LA graffiti scene, I was beyond excited when I heard about the collaboration between LA based artist RETNA and ... ugh.. Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has been embracing collaborations with artists for quite some time now and this one is just as fabulous perhaps a grip more considering my infatuation with West Coast lifestyle. Check out his amazing scarves below, which are retailing for $875 and are currently sold out online. But that is nothing compared to what his original paintings are going for.

Born in Los Angeles in 1979, artist Retna creates work, blending the use of photography with painted graffiti. This style takes influences from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as Arabic, Hebrew and Asian calligraphy. Combining elements from the past, present and future, Retna’s work is impressive, using text and image to expand the boundaries of painting and confound visual interpretation. His compositions are powerful, fusing various types of media, starting with a precise optic point and improvising quickly to form a final piece.

As part of a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which also involves pattern design for an upcoming collection of textiles, Retna will paint the facade of the new store the week before the opening. Retna himself explains his artwork’s origins and visual universe, his artistic identity shaped by Californian contemporary street-art and how he found inspiration from Miami Design District’s neighbourhood’s look and feel for this piece. Through this artistic collaboration, Louis Vuitton draws attention to an original creative process and highlights its involvement within the world of Art.

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