Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daisy Love

Yesterday and the days coming will be difficult ones for our community as we have lost Daisy Love Merrick to cancer. The Santa Barbara community and the surrounding areas are mourning the loss of our little angel Daisy Love whom passed yesterday at 2:40am after battling this disease for four years. Daisy and the Merrick's story is beyond touching and inspiring. I personally have experienced lots of loss in my life so I find a lot of comfort in Pastor Britt Merrick's sermons. I have yet to attend Reality Carpinteria but something has been telling me to go and I look forward to this day. I have been raised Catholic but consider myself a spiritual person open to all religious and thoughts on a Higher Power(s). I wanted to share this story on my blog because it really touches my heart and I have found great relief and joy in listening to Britt's online sermons. Sometime bad things happen to good people and no one can answer the question "Why?" This is a subject I have thought a lot about but it is important to note that during these hard times, our Higher Power is there for us, even when we don't believe he/she is. To me this is critical as I have experienced a lot of personal suffering over the past 6 years and I am literally just coming out a of a haze as it sometimes takes years for the heart to repair itself. Please check out his last talk here prior to Daisy's passing- When Sparrows Fall.  
My warmest thoughts and prayers go out to the Merrick family at this time and I know that Daisy is in Heaven dancing with the angels smiling above us. The community is here to support you during these moments and you have all of our prayers with you.

Please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers during this time.
Love always,

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