Thursday, December 27, 2012

Surfboard Art

Drawing seems to be my one true creative pastime that I really enjoy. Every time my boyfriend gets a new surfboard, it stares back to him and I like a blank canvas. I received a couple of tips from my surfer buddies, especially Aaron Ernst, and purchased some Posca paint pens. They work really well on the surface of the foam board and are durable in the harsh salty sea water. I enjoy taking commissions when I have free time so please contact me if you want me to draw something on your surfboard. 
Wolf Howling At The Moon
 deadmau5 for Drake Stanley
 Island Paradise for Kilian Garland
Rasta deadmau5 for Drake Stanley
My personal skateboard that I doodled on- however the pink hair is not Posca it is Sharpie paint pens and it started to bleed. woops. 

Thank you for checking it out.

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Anonymous said...

These are dope cat!! Can't wait for u to tag my board(s)!!