Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Love Story by Alyssa Ferguson

Wintertime always makes me wish it was warm out. I know, I know- I should enjoy the cold weather, appreciate the change in seasons, put on some fuzzy kooky hat, but you know what? It just makes me wish I was on the North Shore of Oahu every year, where the waves are perfect and the sun invites the tinniest bikini to come hang out. My cousin Melissa over in Maui always shows me all the Hawaiian artists that she obsesses on and I would have to agree, I have a new obsession with A Love Story by Alyssa Furguson. Alyssa creates beautiful hand-knit crochet bikinis and thongs and sells them through her Etsy shop. Let's be up front here, HER STYLE IS MAGICAL, ON POINT, BEAUTIFUL, WHIMSICAL. I love- and I know you do too. Enjoy. 

Can't stop jockin' on Gypsy One check her out.... More posts to follow!

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