Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Hollister Ranch Hoe Down

I was so incredibly honored and delighted to attend the Summer annual Hollister Ranch Hoe Down this year. I have been dreaming about going since high school and finally got to attend with my hommie Clinton Hollister, his beautiful wife Ashley, and Clinton's parents. It was also great to see Jeff Bridges and his band play live! Huge thank you to the Hollister Family for taking us up and treating us for the evening. It couldn't have been more fun.

View from Parcel 1 at the Hollister's

Darcy, Ashley and I at Bulito Point
The Man The Myth The Legend Doyle Hollister and Cooper 

Two of my favorite men EVER! 
Clinton and his amazing wife Ashley
Darcy and her husband lounging in the grass at the Hoe Down
Feasting for days
The Hollisters
Kilgar... hows the cars!

Kira and I
These Verns~


Photos thanks to Clinton Hollister and my instragram


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