Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 6th Annual Malibu Invitational

Every year I look forward to this amazing event held at Surfrider Beach at First Point in Malibu. The contest was started to help raise funds for the hommie Lyon Herron's battle with Gardner Syndrome. I can't tell you how brave and strong Lyon truly is and it is such a pleasure and inspiration to be at this event as it is so special and dear to all of us who live in the area. Check out some of the footage on Surfline and thank you to Keegan Gibbs for some of the pics that can be also found here. Big thanks to Brandon at Val Surf and all the buddies at Freedom Artists, Thera Surf, Sicky Dicky, and the whole Malibu crew for running such a great event! 

Brandon from Val Surf
Kilgar getting a chipper
Thera Surf 
 Strider, Chappy and the boys on the mic, TOO FUNNY!
Makua Rothman and a cutie 

Thera Surf in action 

Tava Post in the the Stone
Megan and I catching some rays

winner Timmy Reyes

Check out more pics here


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