Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VANS 2nd Annual Combi Pool Classic

Female skateboarding is currently still an infant in the action sports industry. To give you some perspective, it is almost where woman's surfing was when Roxy was introduced back in 90's, except girl's skateboarding doesn't have a "Roxy" yet. With the female vert event being canceled this year at the ESPN X-Games, and slimming amount of contests this year for professional female skaters, the VANS Combi Pool Classic is a big deal. It was introduced last year when the female's were booted out of the prestigious Protec Pool Party at the VANS Combi Bowl. The division was canceled so the females created their own event. I have been lucky enough to attend this event for the second year in a row and I always walk away inspired to skateboard. Here are a couple photos from the contest and a rad little video made by USC senior Amelia Brodka.
East Coast girl Nora Vasconcellos and Allysha Bergado were stand outs at this years contest. Allysha took home first place. Did I mention she is 15 years old?
Allysha Bergado flying through the air.
Winners podium! A big ups to Cara-Beth Burnside and Mimi Knoop for working with VANS to help create this event. You gals are leaders in this movement and are paving the way for women's skateboarding.

Great artciles to read more here and here.

Underexposed is a women's skateboarding documentary by Amelia Brodka. The Vans Girls Combi Classic is the biggest and most prestigious female-only skateboarding contest of the year. Filmed & edited by Brian Lynch.

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