Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful La Paz Mexico:: Una Boda

I am sorry I have been laggin' on blogging lately. It seems like life is just passing me by way too fast, leaving me little time on the computer and no more day light after work. I am going to try to post more pics asap! For starters:: One of my best girl friends Ashley just got hitched to her high school sweetheart Sean. The wedding was in beautiful La Paz Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez. I have never been to La Paz and I was taken back by its raw beauty and crystal clear ocean. The ceremony was goregous and I made life long memories with our wedding party and group of friends. I couldn't have asked for more.
I can't get enough of him.
The View from the Golf Course
Kilgar and I at The Condo
Our marine friends
The Handsome Groom Sean
La Paz Sunset down the corridor
The Beautiful Bride and I <3 <3 Love you
The Groomsmen

late night dance parties 
It's a puffer fish!

The Crew
Mikey Renga and Kilian
Chocolate Clams.... SOOO AMAZING
Mariachis to celebrate
Isn't he (or she) cute? A dolphin looking up at us on the boat
Adventures at The Maricon
Melissa and Mikey 
Aren't they adoreable?

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