Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer at the Santa Barbara Bowl

This weekend, I officially kicked off my Summer with a trip to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Lauren Hill. What would summer be like with out the SB Bowl? God only knows.... I just know it is my favorite Summer past time.
Standard SB Bowl picture ! :) Cute as always!
That is us having lots of fun and trying to pretend Lauren Hill's live performance wasn't very entertaining. She started to play at 8:50 PM and with a 10:00 PM SB curfew, she was literally on stage for 50 minutes. And she sounded not that great.... sorry Lauren..... It was just too fast on your good songs! Band was too "funky". But "Oh la la la" was a good one.

This summer is kind of weak at The SB Bowl. What do you  guys think about the schedule?

Either way, SB Bowl + My Girlies + Summer = Best Time Ever

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