Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Recongnizes Real

Summer 2011 Rebel8 line just dropped. Frothing over this "Skate Core" tee!!!!!
You gotta go to the site to get the zoomed in view. The graff in the pool is sweet! I honestly love the fresh new look R8 is taking with incorporating color into Giant's art. The design and layout of this tee is awesome.

Straight from the Owner of Rebel 8, Joshy D:

"Summer ’11 is the first season since mid-2008 that I had a big hand in designing. Back in the day, circa ’04, before Giant lived in SF, he’d send me poster tubes filled with art. With a Pantone book in one hand and the original art in the other, I’d pick and choose ink colors, graphic sizes and placements. I’d take the over-sized posters to a spot in SoMa [San Francisco] to have them shot directly to film. From there I’d hit the screenprinter and choose body styles and colorways. And that was how REBEL8 would get made. Back then it was literally just Mike Giant and Joshy D.

In fact, Giant wouldn’t even see what I did with his art until we’d link up in Vegas in our shitty motel room where I’d present him the line. Thankfully he was always stoked on what I did and his trust in me became stronger with each season. I made a promise to Mike back then that I would always keep his name in the highest regard and always make sure his art was properly showcased and respected. Over the years we’ve all seen shady motherfuckers fuck a lot of talented artists, and I would never do that to my number one homeboy.

So getting back to Summer 2011. It’s available right now in its entirety here. It’s my favorite season we released in quite some time. Summer ’11 is homage to our past and our legitimate history in skateboarding. It’s simple, but well thought-out. It’s pure REBEL8, back to the basics. Back to why you fell in love with REBEL8 in the first place.

Our history makes us who we are today and our today determines whom we will be tomorrow.
REBEL8 is built around like-minded individuals and that is why you are reading these very words right now. We are a big healthy family that supports each other, fights our enemies, and holds fast.

Real Recongnizes Real"

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