Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebel 8 Spring 2011 Women

My favorite streetwear brand has done it again. I can't help but want to purchase everything that Rebel8 makes, but since I am a lady, my options are some what limited with all their new cut and sew men's gear, and dudes, that shit is hot so get on it before it sells out because it will.

I just love how hard Rebel8 goes with their graphics. 

Here are the ladies tees for Spring 2011 and I want them all. 

"High Society"

Also available in a hoody.

"Making Diamonds From Coal" - welcome to my life.


I am especially jocking on this tee. You know why. And if you don't, go study culture and history and get back to me.

"California Dreaming" (always)

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