Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.

This past weekend, my lovely friend Denae Farley celebrated her birthday with a special day of horseback riding and a private beach bbq on Padero Lane. Denae is a very talented lady and specializes in high end skin care and is a professional make-up artist.... and her work is AMAZING! Highly recomend booking her skillz for a special event:) if you are in the LA/ SB area.

Happy Birthday Denae! 

and Thank You to Denae's beau Artie for being an amazing host and treating us to such a special day! xoxox
Amazing table settings to set the perfect mood done by the beautiful Rachel Moyer
The Lady  of the day gearing up for her ride.
Picture says it all.
Hannah & Brad, Kilgar & Me, Denae & Artie. I freaking love this pic and your polariod camera Rach.
 Our two hostessess with the mostestess.
Hannah and I on our Padero Beach ride.
The girlies hanging out in the cabana.

BRUTIS! The scariest looking nice dog ever.
Rachel and Denae on their magical birthday beach ride.

Kilgar monitoring the meat station while watching the surf.
Bossy Baby Girl!
Can you be any more beautiful Denae??
Thank you again to Artie, this would have never been possible without you and Denae is so lucky to have such a sweeite.

xoxo Kitty Cat


red-handed said...

Riding horses on a beach ... god, that's like a Billy Ocean video.

Allme said...

I want to know who the blonde is :) wow gorgeous!!!

Allme said...

I think her name is Rachel..wow too sexy!