Friday, February 25, 2011

inspiration all over the place

Excuse my lack of posts recently... I have been tumblin'...
But here is what I have been geeking out over for the past week or two. I highly recommend reading the full articles via the links. They make me happy and I am sure they will inspire...

Stacy Peralta is down in Los Angeles working on his new film documentary that details the adventures of the Bones Brigade skate team dating back to stories from the late 80's and the evolution of this highly popular sport.
Here is Lance Mountain on set.

Stacy doing what he does.
You might remember his past movies- including Lords of Dog Town and Riding Giants.

Read the full article on Concrete Disciples

Banksy is down in LA preparing for the Oscars and his nomiation for Exit Through The Gift Shop. Look at what popped up on the streets a couple days ago.
Make sure you red the full article at The Hundreds is Huge
Baffling, fun, & exciting!

My cousin Rebecca and her lovely boyfriend Troy Kanuha's brother, Pro Surfer CJ Kanuha, over on the big Island of Hawaii, had this great article published on Surfline a couple of days ago. Rest in Peace Junior.
Family comes first...
Read the full story on Surfline.

My hommie Lexo The Great from the 805

You really should just CLICK and download his CD The Doobie Brothers 2
Lexo recently recieved a great review in BL!SSS Mag and is due to release a new track with Iration any day now so when you hear it on the radio ... know the 805 hommie on the track!

I have also been doing some art and jewlery recently but haven't photographed it yet, so stay tuned.

Xoxo Kitty Cat

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