Monday, February 28, 2011

I Need The Doctor... back.... BAD!

Thank you Lexo for posting this video.

I am ready for the New CD. Dr. Dre. WTF. Release this. Chronic 2001 is still in my CD player on repeat. Thanks.

Lets revisit one of the best rap songs in all history

"Now all I get is hate mail all day sayin Dre fell off
What cause I been in the lab wit a pen and a pad
Tryna get this damn label off
I ain't havin that
This is the millenium of Aftermath
It ain't gonna be nothin after that
So give me one more platinum plaque and fuck rap
You can have it back"


Helen Weaver said...

I love your blog!!! From one SB girl to another. Dope!!!!!!!!!!!

Caterina said...

Rad thank you for the comment!!! :) :)