Thursday, December 16, 2010

UGG Australia Los Angeles Grand Opening

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the UGG Australia Los Angeles store at The Grove in LA hosted by Vanity Fair. This store is the brand's first official 'So-Cal' store and adds to approx. 13 total stores across the world, 3 opening this month. When most people in the fashion industry think of Uggs (I have heard this numerous times), they point out the fact that yes, they are sometimes ugly (hence the name Ugg- I learned that at the opening) and not as aesthetically inspiring as other stilettos or knee high boots! After some time now, this brand has proven itself and guess what?! I do not care if they are ugly, they are COMFY~! I had a conversation with one of their employees and they stated that the selling point for an Ugg customer, or the point of purchase, is when they try on the actual boot/ shoe. Once your feet hit that Sherpa- there is no going back people. These shoes are 200%+ comfortable, and during the Fall/ Winter, when it is time to go to the beach and watch my bf surf, these are what I wear. There are so many cute styles these days that it is impossible to say they are ugly. Check out this new collaboration by Jimmy Choo.
My sexy date and I
Wesley Wilson and his lovely date Inga 
lots of Vanity Fair magazines to take home and read

When I asked the manager what their top selling sku at the new store was (it has been open for a week now), he stated that the Short Sparkles boot would be sold out come morning time, meaning, this shoe is already sold out...  Not to mention, this item was given away to Oprah's audience as one of her 'favorite things.' We call this the Oprah effect- sales have now be going crazy for this item, yes, Oprah can have an effect on business. These Sparkles come in black, silver, and gold.
Wesley and Hasheem Thabeet
If you are a feeling the holiday spirit, I highly recommend Uggs for Christmas for anyone you love! xoxo

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