Friday, December 3, 2010

First Thursday SB

Last night I attended Santa Barbara's First Thursday Art Walk. I hope you enjoy the art and the photos! I know I did! 
First stop was State and A where we visited our friend and talented filmmaker/ photographer Zach Brown 
Kilian and Zach 
Next stop on the art walk was Fuzion. This place had all the best art! I highly recommend shopping there for your street wear threads as well. 

Most of the following pictures are all taken at Fuzion, wish I knew who all the artists where.... Here are my favorites-

Detail from the above painting
sooo sick!

Vanae Rivera .... one of my favorite SB artists, probably because her art steez reminds me of Fafi and I love little pin ups. Check out her blog...

I love how popular feather jewelry is becoming right now. I have seen Aya Papaya's earrings before at Yoga Soup, and it was cool to see some of her product last night at Fuzion. She is doing feather hair extensions, RAD! $15 per strand....

Our last and final stop was an art show on Helena Street. I absolutely loved this group of works. I wish I knew the artist because this guy/or girl ROCKS
I LOVE Characters! One of my favorites all night.

That concludes my First Thursday! Thanks for checking out my blog <3


Chloé 'Bradshaw' said...

Great post. I think you'll enjoy it.

Bunnynose said...

Great picts!!! If you like feather earings and extensions... You might like fox tails. Brad won't let me have one but they are selling them on the beach in Venice for like $30.

Anonymous said...

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