Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jennifer Herrema Hand Crafted Volcom Brand Jeans

Jennifer Herrmana Volcom Brand Jeans limited edition 300 pairs hand crafted, Lowrider magazine cut mens tee, gifted black studded cuff, silver skull necklace 


Jessica Bush said...

i intern for FOAM magazine ( which consists of fashion, ocean, art, and music. about once a month we do a post DIY (do it yourself projects) i was wondering if youd be interested in doing a post with me about your hand crafted jeans.

this is our project..
getting DIY from bloggers, designers, bakers, etc would be pretty rad. For example, Anni from StyleHurricane made us a spiked headband and we put it on the website. She wrote up a piece with what materials readers needed, step by step instructions, and she included pictures of herself wearing it, the runway were she got the idea from, and nice shots of each step. It was really nice!

if youd be interested you can contact me at


Anonymous said...

i love the JJ jeans on you soooooo hot!!!

Chakanawe said...

... in a word... FOXY!!!