Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspired by Joshy D:: Rebel 8

I first learned about  Mike Giant and Rebel 8 from reading Juxtapoz Magazine.  I saw Giant's cover and at that moment my life changed a little. I was overwhelming inspired by his Hispanic themed graphics and use of symbolism that I immediately started researching his work.. thus I discovered Rebel 8. After attending Magic Trade show in Las Vegas, it was fate that brought me together with these guys. I spotted them in the cafeteria eating by themselves and I immediately ran over and asked if I could sit with them. I was so happy that day because Joshy gave me a Mike Giant Sharpie and a small book of illustrations and quotes that Mike had done. It is still one of my prized possessions that I keep close. I can't explain the way I feel about Mike's art or Joshy's enthusiasm for Rebel 8, all I know is that it makes me feel incredibly happy and inspired. This video makes me feel that way too and makes me have hope for my own dreams. I am hoping to get my first and only tattoo from Mike this fall. Get at the brand, they are coming up.

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