Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eat Pray Surf

Traveling to Indonesia is quite the trek from California. It is the farthest my physical body has ever been from home and I couldn't imagine staying less than two weeks considering it takes two whole days to get there and another four for your body to adjust. A week into my vacation, Kilian and I were onto another adventure into the Bukit Peninsula. Canggu was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it there, but once my skin hit the 75 degree aquamarine water at Padang Padang, I was on a whole new level of my vacation.  My relaxation went from a 6.5 to a 10 in a matter of 30 minutes considering how wound up I was. I carry a lot of stress inside my body and have a lot of energy bouncing around most days so for me this was incredibly therapeutic. We booked four days at this European Mexican lookin' villa hotel called the Pink Coco just above Padang Padang cove and loved it so much we decided to stay another three nights. They have a great Italian Trattoria restaurant there which was comforting and it was just minutes away from my favorite spot to eat on the whole journey- Buddha Soul. Kilian and I spent most days going to the beach early for his wave quota, eating an organic infused lunch, followed by a cultural experience to site see, back to the beach for the afternoon for a sunset dip and lounging at the pool. We did this for about seven days straight and it was at Padang Padang that I realized that I could potentially move to Bali and live this lifestyle for an extended period of time. I wish I could have taken more bohemian outfit inspired photos but I found myself in a bikini and sarong the entire time, it was incredibly hot and humid and anything more would have been uncomfortable. I was having my Eat Pray Love moment and gratitude was exploding out of me in all directions.
Bintang at Bingin Beach
Enjoying the sunset at Padang Padang
Beautiful flowers in Bali
Kilian hitting up a sesh before the sun goes down
Kilian's trusted Sanuks and Bali offerings to the Gods
Uluwatu's crystal clear water
surf check at Uluwatu
One of the many critters in the tide pools we found at Padang
fun in the pool with the Go Pro Hero 3
My Acacia Swimwear from Sundance Beach was an essential for my trip!
The view from Uluwatu Temple 
The monkey that tried to steal my wallet at The Uluwatu Temple
Must be wearing a sarong at every temple...

The cliffs at Uluwatu
Enjoying the warm water at Uluwatu at low tide
Staying cool at the Pink Coco after the beach
Kilian on a good one at Uluwatu
Street Art in Bali
our friend Brad Gerlach and his buddies playing at a party at Single Fin above Ulus

The view on the stairs just above Bingin Beach
Padang Padang cove at sunset
Exploring Uluwatu after yoga
All Smiles
Go Pro selfies in the pool

my alarm cock in Bali
Low tide at Uluwatu

Our home for the week at the Pink Coco
Kilian en route to surf
Our room for the week
Photo shoots at abandoned hotels in Uluwatu
Free bird
Yoga at the Uluwatu Surf Villas
Enjoying our vacation together
Uluwatu Temple
Bingin Beach

Enough said. Blessed to take such a long vacation!

More photos to come from our stop in Ubud. 


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