Monday, June 24, 2013

Bali Part 1:: Canggu

It is crazy to think I have been gone for almost a month. Being on vacation for 20+ days really allowed me to relax and emerge myself in a Balinese lifestyle. Everyday it was like a new layer of stress peeling away from my body and mind. I am slowly recovering from the most horrible case of jet-lag that I could have ever imagined and getting back into my Cali routine and it is crazy to think that just last week I was more than half the world away. I am not sure what "ahh-ha" moments I have came to but I know something is different, just trying to pin point what. I know it will come to me at the right time and amused that I took lots of photographs to remind myself of what inspired me. I thought I would start off with the first part of my trip in Canggu which is a small surf town just above Kuta. It was quite the little hipster town with plenty of waves and things to do. Lots of people told Kilian and I that it was like how Bali used to be before being built up. There is literally construction going on everywhere and in 5 years I can't even imagine what it will be like. Needless to say Bali is a hot spot for surf & yoga travel. The Island of the Gods, scared and a muse to many. Hope you enjoy the pics.
Singapore Airport was the nicest airport I have ever been in with the most beautiful orchids and gardens everywhere!
Kilian getting ready to depart at LAX.
My first day in Bali at Canggu Beach, a fresh young coconut to start off my trip, and cool me down!
Pulmeria trees EVERYWHERE! I thought I was in Hawaii for a sec then realized that Bali too is loaded with these beautiful flowers.
At our first hotel Echoland B & B right next to Canggu Beach. I am wearing a Hobie Top and Frankie bottoms from my sweet friends at Sundance Beach.
Kilian in the streets of Seminyak.
Canggu Cows
Perfect spot for a day bed
After my blessing at Tanah Lot
Canggu Temple
Kilian just days after we got there at Echoland B & B
An iced Cafe Latte! Perfect presentation.
Deus Ex Machina's 9 Foot and Single contest at Canggu.
Kilian and I at the Canggu temple
CRY BABY STreet ART! Swoon!!!
Enjoying a quick lunch at the beach
Pop Art Buddha in Seminyak
Fresh juices to go around
9 Ft and Single
Fin art at the Deus party
Custom motos for days
Live music at the Deus party
Loved this installation of lighters at Deus
Late night mini ramp sessions at Deus
My babe and I at the contest award party
Party time!
Rockin the Bali lifestyle, scooter and a bikini :: two necessities.
Beautiful statues everywhere.
Catching a break out of the sun.
Amazing tea to choose from.
The lotuses are in full bloom this time of year.
Beautiful Bali
Tanah Lot Temple just above Canggu
Canggu Temple doors
One of the amazing statues that I found on the island.
Kilian rocking his Go Pro Hero 3 at Canggu
More scenic views from the Canggu Temple
Canggu beach art. 
Tanah Lot Temple from the hill just above.
Part two coming up next. Next stop Padang Padang and the Bukit Peninsula.

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Brent Lieberman said...

Great gallery of photos Kat. The one of Kilgar sitting in the airport is razor sharp, very impressive. Look forward to seeing some more.....Aloha...Liebs