Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Support Local:: Casitas Valley Creamery

Purchasing local goods is one thing each of us can do to help support our communities and the environment. I always feel gratified when I know exactly where my product was produced and who put their sweat and tears into making it. It is a feeling that cannot be compared to much! That is the case with my friends over at Casitas Valley Creamery and Regenerative Earth Farms out of Carpintera, California. My friend Jesse Smith, who I have known since Santa Barbara High School, and his beautiful fiancé Ana Brush have been on a roll with their business endeavors and this is the first of many to come from their local & environmentally sustainable project at Regenerative Earth Farms. I had the pleasure to pick up some cheese from their very first batch at Isabella's Gourmet Foods in La Arcada on Figueroa Street (where more is still available to purchase). I am a total foodie so cheese is right up my ally, as I am sure it is for you, and they hit it the nail on the target with their flavors, textures, and pairings. I was happy to walk away with some organic cheese and a smile on face. So happy when my friends are doing rad projects! Congrats to both of you, this was a day to celebrate!

Make sure to check them out on FB for updates on their next tasting and how you can order some cheese :)

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