Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Santa Barbara Grinds:: La Supa Rica

One of my favorite things to do on Mischief is to share tidbits of Santa Barbara lifestyle and culture. I am a die hard foodie and I enjoy tasting all the local restaurants here in town and giving my 2 cents on them so when it comes to Mexican food, La Supa Rica is no exception. My cousins Martin and Isidoro own and run La Supa Rica so I have grown up eating this amazing food my whole life, I have it about once a week if my tummy can handle and I mean that with all honesty. I go through phases of eating certain dishes but I always have whatever the daily special is, The Queso De Casquela, and a Vegetarian Tamale .Yesterday's special was Chile Relleno and Chilaquiles and man o man did it hit the spot.  Still recovering.... I hope you get the chance to eat there as I highly recommend it! 
622 N Milpas St Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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