Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Dreams

Bringing my dreams into reality is a new concept I am still trying to get used to. I am in a deep creative process at Santa Barbara City College & my personal office at the moment and I am pleased to say I haven't been happier in the past five years than I am now. Manifesting new skills through hours of  Adobe Creative Suite homework, slowly cracking away at my Graphic Design and Photography Certificate and diligently transforming old thought patterns by working with professionals to release emotional and creative blocks is my current life, as well as going to yoga as much as possible! It has been a process but the rewards are amazing. I just finished a midterm for my Photoshop class and I happy with the final product. The assignment involved creating a surreal image that combined 3-5 non related images and making them into one cohesive whole. This is a little peak into my brain and what my dreams look like. The mermaid is an illustration from one of my favorite artists- J Scott Campbell. Check out his work here, it is AMAZING! Please provide credit if you repost my image. I had so much fun doing this!!!


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