Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rincon Classic 2013

This year the Santa Barbara community was blessed to have great weather and waves for the annual locals only Rincon Classic presented by Surf Happens, Quicksilver, and Channel Islands Surfboards.  This event is truly one of my favorite surf contests of the year because all of my friends are in the competition, the beach is hot in the dead of winter, and we all get to enjoy each others company in the spirit of surfing Rincon. 

Here are some of my pics from the event... check out more of mine on Surfline 
Please make sure to give me photo credit if you repost :)
Brandon Smith charging his heat in his speedo, a lost bet earlier in the year
Judges Tower
The boys about to go out for their heat at the top of The Cove
Catherine Clark all smiles
The girls came down to hang! I was stoked!
Chris Brown and Pete Mussio
Simon Murdock and Pat Curren
Ashley and Rachie
Surf and Wear's Beachhouse owner Roger Nance winning the Lifetime Achievement award
Kyle Ennis of Neff and his buddies from Quicksilver
Frooty Acai for snacks!
Bobby, Lambert, and Jake kickin it pre heats
The crew from Sundance Beach 
my hommie Jesse Smith coming down to support his cousins and friends in the contest
surf check!
Ventura crew in full force! Stoked to see our buddies!
Jenny Keets, the woman behind the scenes of the whole event
Kilian and Pastor Britt Merrick 
Mr Brett Robbins
myself getting some relief out of the sun
Demi Boelsterli on her way to crush her heat
The girls lounging at the beach
Chris from Sundance Beach and Andrew reppin from Arbor Skateboards
Demi winning the women's!
Cole Vern owning at in the longboard final
Da Boys at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum 
Groms tired for days after the contest
Oliver Parker winning the CI board in the raffle
Simon stoked!
1st place winner Conner Coffin and his bro Parker
Pro Final winners Kilian, Matt, Pete, and Conner

Until next year! xoxo

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