Friday, March 8, 2013

Natura Culina

All natural skincare products are defiantly something I have been getting really into, especially local brands that I have came across in Santa Barbara. I had the opportunity to try out a variety of products from Natura Culina and boy are they yummy!!! Owner Lenka Tinka grew up in the Czech Republic
outside of Carlsbad, one of the central Europe's most famous natural spa cities, and experienced first hand the powerful effect of nature on peoples' health. She believes that "every person deserves to feel healthy, loved and cared for. That is the reason I've created Natura Culina skin care with absolutely NO parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic emulsifiers and absolutely YES with love & care."
One word for Natural Culina:: DELICIOUS!

After trying these natural products, I am defiantly hooked. The hand soap is like nothing I have ever tried because it contains tee-tree oil, and if you are a germaphobe like me, you probably wash your hands quite a bit so a nice hand soap that doesn't try your skin and smells refreshing and clean- a must in your kitchen or bathroom.
Did I mention in came in a glass bottle? 
Another item that I tried was the Bath Salt Mixture, it was so fragrant that I could smell the lavender from the other room, it made me craaavvee it. After a long stressful day, this is the perfect remedy. 

This mixture of ingredients really surprised me and works great for exfoliating dead skin. The lavender with chocolate smells so wonderful, it really makes you want to just lather yourself up and give yourself   a good scrub. I think exfoliating your skin is something that is defiantly underrated and a MUST in skincare. I am so happy to have this in my routine again because I was slippin' for a bit.
My delicious basket of goodies!
I seriously can smell the lavender and chocolate through the packaging! It is so alluring !
My happy place :)
So I would have to say that my favorite product and scent, even though they are all marvelous, is the Coconut Fruit. This smell is just so aromatic and savory. When I get a whiff  I feel like I have just woken up in Tahiti or somethin'. This is a perfect product to exfoliate with and it must be followed up with my absolute favorite, the Shea Butter in Coconut Fruit. I am a stickler for perfume products that stay on forever. I wear Issey Miyake and Channel Number 5 just so you know what I am working with. My test is- you must be able to smell the perfume after wearing it all day, in the shower, or when working out. So, I lathered my body up in the butter after a shower and later that day I went to yoga, and I could smell the Coconut Fruit on myself, it was a very pleasant surprise. :)
From the site:

Natura Culina products are formulated with high quality ingredients, most of them are certified organic. The original line of Natura Culina products is made with certified organic ingredients, only natural preservatives and fragrance oils. The Simply Nature line of Natura Culina products do not contain any fragrance oils, relying on essential oils completely. All our products are made in very small batches upon your order to ensure freshness. 

If you are interested in trying some products, please check out the site Here.
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Anonymous said...

totally trying these! :)

LENKA said...

What a great and fun read! I love it and looks like you had a fun time using all my goodies! Thank you for pointing out how important exfoliating is for your skin. Removing dry skin and giving our skin a chance to breath and absorb better whatever moisturizer we put on after. The talk about using natural ingredients for our skin is so important. Thank you so much for this fabulous write up! Xo Lenka Tinka/ Founder of Natura Culina

LENKA said...

Thanks for such a great write up! Im so happy you had a joyful time using my products! It's so important to talk about what is in our products and how to use them. Thanks for pointing out exfoliating and how important it is for our skin. All products are made fresh and that is why you really noticed wonderful aroma lingering around for a while :) joy,health and relaxation I hope you felt them all while using my products. Xoxo Lenka Tinka/ Owner Natura Culina