Saturday, January 26, 2013


I love how nifty camping gear has been getting lately, or maybe it has been nifty for sometime and I am just getting back into it...? Santa Barbara got an REI store a couple of years ago and I purchased a mini stove a bit ago that I swear changed up my whole camping game. Volcom East Coast TM Billy Hume introduced Kilian and I to this brand Poler and I am hyped on their products. He brought over his Napsack and we thought it was the coolest sleeping bag we have seen thus far. Check it out below, its like a parka, blanket, sleeping bag all in one ! Bang! Check out the site for more fun stuff

Also super hyped on this brand because they are sponsoring skaters, snowboarders, and photographers!! radical!
Check out the Poler Tent Team here

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