Friday, September 28, 2012

The October Union

On Wednesday I had the wonderful pleasure of hanging out with my friend Kimmy Rosenthal
 who runs The October Union based out of Ventura, Ca. Kimmy is incredibly talented and has wicked sense of style and I have been blessed to work with her in the past and was siked to check out her studio today for a full blown gasp of inspiration. Kimmy mixes all kinds of natural ingredients to make the perfect combinations of scents and healing concoctions. Make sure to check out her site here.

From her site:

"ALKIMIE is handmade, pure, all natural, earth loving, nature inspired, gentle, healing 
and nurturing.

We source only organic, wildcrafted and ethically harvested ingredients whenever possible.

From what we put on our bodies, to what we surround ourselves with, ALKIMIE provides health and beauty from the inside out."

Thanks for the studio visit babe!

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