Thursday, August 23, 2012

Outside Lands is better than Coachella

This year I have been so blessed to attend so many amazing concerts and live music festivals. I FINALLY made it up to the Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA and let me tell you, I think it's better than Coachella. 

Let me tell you why:

No hassle lines when you arrive.
It's in the city. Meaning you don't have to wait for over an hour to get home after the concert ends bc of the traffic, shuttles, etc.
You can walk around with amazing beer and wine! They have "Winelands" and "Beerlands" tasting areas!
The food is SO much better.
Not so many younger kids.
It's nice to bundle up and be kinda cold for once. I love the weather at Coachella but its refreshing in They Bay.

I do have to say, the Outside Lands line up is getting better and better every year, but isn't as "well rounded" as Coachella. Meaning:: They need to make sure they have some big names from every category lined up. Stevie Wonder was the big finale at Outside Lands and I was over at Skrillex. Does that make sense? I know I will never see Steve Wonder again probably and see Skrillex ten times more in my life, but I think they could have had a better finale. Metallica was by far the best show as well as Die Antwoord.

LA crowd VS San Francisco crowd, winner winner chicken dinner.

the crowd at Die Antword

Ninja, DJ HI- Tek, and Yolandi Visser

jamming out

Kilian and The Ninja

my free spirt girlies Katie Mclean and Cat Clark <3 p="p">

loved it

interesting things going on all around
Z-Man and Kat
Neil Young live with my favorite friends! 

SF Cruzing

My crew! Love these peeps!
party in this pic at Metallica

Rock God James Hetfield ... man is looking GOOD! Never seen a rock god before, and I don't think Perry Ferrel counts.

this pic is epic

Kelly crowd surfing during Metallica 
watch the clip here

That was a fun weekend!

Don't get me wrong, I will be at Coachella this year! But will be hitting this thing up every year!!!

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