Monday, February 6, 2012

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography By Stacy Peralta

This past Thursday was a night I will never forget! It was the second showing, after the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, of the skateboarding documentary The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography by the one and only Stacy Peralta. The Santa Barbara Film Festival welcomed Stacy's new flick into this year event and I am more than happy to say it was well received. Skate One (also known as Powell-Peralta Skateboards) had about 300 guests in town for this event and I was on board to host skateboarding's finest industry representatives and some of the biggest names in professional skateboarding history. Here are some of Kilian and I's pictures of the event and I have listed some more press and their links below. Thank you to everyone who came up to watch the film and helped with this amazing production.

Jon Friedman and the legendary Dogtown member Jay Adams
Kilian getting interviewed by the Film Festival
The One and Only Craig Steyck III and his lovely designer friend!
Aaron Estorga, Jake Lyons, and Jay Adams
Rachel Moyer, Jay Adams, and I
The Bones Brigade on stage for the Q & A after the event
My date and I... the lovely Kilian
My bestie Rachel and I
This guy... Billy Baker!
After party at The Canary Hotel rooftop that I helped organize
Lance Mountain and I
Stacy Peralta and freestyler Kilian Martin
The voice of skateboarding and OG Dagger member- Dave Duncan and I
Mike Taylor, Aaron Estorga, Mike McGill, and Erik Miller
Reggie Barnes, Jim Tesnar, and Mimi Knoop
Stacy Peralta, Jim Gray, Todd Hastings, Rodney Mullen, and Steve Olson

Transworld did a little video- check it out

Here is also a pic I snagged from Transworld ... the Red Carpet

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