Friday, February 3, 2012

8 Things I learned at the Martin Scorsese Santa Barbara Film Festival Event

This year, I have been extraordinary lucky to attend many culturally and creatively deep events at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Perhaps the high light of my experience during this year's Santa Barbara Film Festival has got to be a night with the legendary film director Martin Scorsese for the presentation of the prestigious American Riviera Award. They started off the evening with a montage of his film career that included hand picked clips by Scorsese himself including Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Hugo in 3-D, Street Scenes, & Raging Bull.  If you are not familiar with Scorsese's work, make sure to watch catch up on Casino, The Departed, Gangs of New York, & many more.

I took away many things over the course of the three hour event and I was so inspired that I had to share my new found knowledge and appreciation for the great director here on Mischief.

Here are a couple of things I took away from the event:

1. Martin is a Roman Catholic Italian from New York City. I learned that this why I love a lot of his movies so much and why my family also adores them, as my father's family is from Long Island, NY, Italian, and Catholic- hence the reason I was so culturally inspired, his stories reminded my of my Italian family.

2. Most of his earlier films were inspired by what was occurring around him on the streets and his personal experiences.

3. Robert Dinero and Martin have know each other since childhood, but realized it a litter later on while have Christmas dinner at a mutual friends house.

4. Martin allows his actors to do improvise at times- to be fully creative in their finest moments on screen- and trust them like Robert Dinero in Taxi Driver... I learned that this scene was improv.

5. Hugo is the first film that Martin has made that is appropriate for his daughter to watch- whom is 12.

6. Hugo is about the birth of film- but incorporates the most modern technologies currently available in the motion picture business.

7. Martin made a documnetary about Italian's in America- and based it off a couple sessions with his parents at their home in NY.

8. Martin is up for 11 Academy awards this year including Best Picture and Best Director.

A Clip from the Santa Barbara News

Martin on stage for the event

I also wanted to ad that when he accepted his award he brought the audience into tears! It was truly amazing!!

Happy Movie Watching.

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