Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lately:: Iphone Diary

Since getting the new Iphone 4Gs, like many of you, I have not stopped Instagraming (all day). It's better than Twitter.

Here is what I have been doing lately... via my Iphone and Instagram pictures. 

My mom likes to collect shells. I think they are all beautiful and rare little sea treasures... perfect for daily inspiration while hanging out in my house.
This is Vern, our Bones Swiss Bearings Team Manager, hanging out in my cubicle at work. He rules... follow him at @phillyvern on Instagram and Twitter. 
Mike Giant laced me up with some new Rebel8 gear. I am so thankful to have him as my friend!!
I have been going to the Italian Grocery since I was able to eat solid foods. It is a Santa Barbara High School staple and if you are ever in Santa Barbara, go get a sandwich there. So simple and delicious... one of a kind torpedoes...
Nights at Joe's Cafe during the holiday season. 
Crafting away...  constructing some feather hair clips as gifts out of Red Tailed Hawk feathers. This one was for VCJ's wife Carol.
One of my best girlfriend's Ashley's little Pugs:: Diesel and Winston
One of my Christmas gifts to my friends and family... I construced little succulent gardens, aren't they cute? So easy to make and so beautiful!
One of my best guy friends Alex and his beautiful girlfriend Kat. Great times on Christmas night.
Santa Barbara truley has my heart. This is a photo taken on Christmas day from the Riviera at sunset looking out onto the city and Santa Cruz Island.
My new baby! I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market this weekend and get my green juice on!
Misty(Bitch) getting some sun! I just love petting all her fur! 
The local spot. "The Wall" at Butterfly Beach. 

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