Friday, December 2, 2011

Gabrielle Bernstein:: Spirit Junkie:: Expect Miracles

For the past year, I am proud to say I have became a devoted Spirit Junkie thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein. Fate, or twitter, brought us together. Your call. One day, I got a message in my inbox that Gabby was following me on twitter. I went to go check her out on her site and felt as though an angel literally came down to help me. Her first book Add More Ing seemed like too much of a coincidence with her on the skateboard (riding BONES Wheels if I might add). Since Gabrielle's introduction, I have read both of her books that are based on the spiritual bible- A Course in Miracles and listen to her weekly Vlogs for inspiration. Gabby has also reignited my goal of mastering mediation and inspirited me beyond belief!! I highly recommend checking out what Gabby has to say and in the words of a Spiritual Junkie, expect miracles and fill you life with love!



I also wanted to add that I am currently reading A Course in Miracles and reading Spirit Junkie first is really helping me understand the text :) 

Good Luck!

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