Monday, September 12, 2011

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Kyle Hollister

A couple of weekends ago, one of my best male friends Kyle Hollister got hitched to a beautiful women by the name of Ashley Swan Woods. Their wedding was one of the most touching ceremonies I have ever been to and I feel so blessed to be a friend of theirs and to have been in their presence for such a special union. Kyle's father, Doyle Hollister, presented a touching speech about the significance of the land their family built their legacy upon and its significance to his son's special day. It was truly magical. My camera was being fussy so I only got a couple of pics with my Rebel, but thank you to Nils Von Erik from Smile Studios for letting me repost and Kilian for a couple I phone snaps. xoxo
Ashley's lace veil was her grandmother's and was exquisite to say the least.
My best friend James Fay as one of the groomsmen
The family's offerings to the Chumash and ancestors
The boys!
Kilgar and I
Jonathan and Derek
The beautiful bride
James and Kelly
Love these men! Michael Hess from Germany, Luke Stadmadis, Kyle Hollister, James Fay, and Dan Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Kyle Hollister 
Bulito Point, Hollister Ranch California 
<3 <3
Ana and Jesse
Ashley's grandfather 
Doyle Hollister! The MAN! The legend! 

Beautiful dinner served at the first house built at the Ranch, the old Hollister Home.

family photos inside
The cocktail party before dinner 
right before they cut the delicious cake
on the dance floor
Victoria Voss and I

xoxox Kitty Cat

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