Monday, September 19, 2011

Channel Islands Surfboards LA Party

This past Saturday, a couple of us from SB went down to the Los Angeles Channel Islands store on Melrose Ave for their annual party. It was a total blast!!! Here are some photos.
Kilian and I
Sushi in the VIP room
Rat pack for the evening:: Me, Cat Clark, and Bo Stanley
Kilian and CI shaper Mike Walters
Kelly Slater signing autographs
Kilian likes to make funny faces in my photos so I am puttin' him on blast. 
Upstairs chillin'
Open bar!!!! Thanks CI!
Rumor has it, Kelly specifically requested Iration to play! Thanks Kelly! Kelly and his girlfriend Kalani listening to some jams. So cute.
Santa Barbara CI Crew in the house!
Kilian and his friend Dane Reynolds 
Our little rat pack again
 The Beautiful Bo and I
Pretty bummed we didn't enter the raffle, they gave away a Taylor Knox, Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado, and Kelly Slater board! Radical!
Dane and I!!!

Miss Suzi Clark :) and I raging to Iration
LOVE these Two!! CI Shaper Mike Walters and his honey girl Suzi
On the rooftop on Melrose Ave. So sick.
Dennis Rizzo in the house.
love this photo Kilian took of the band
They played every amazing song they make.
Ha! I love how this shot came out. Lol. We were yelling and partying.
Eric Geiselman and Kilian
That's all! Thanks again to the CI Crew and Travis Lee, it was a blast... great times. xoxo

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