Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Sk8 Setup VS Da Old One

I never was one for traditional sports. I was the scronny chic in Jr High that no one wanted on their team. I picked up skateboarding in the 7th grade and it has always my little thing. I can ollie. My claim to fame. I have emersed myself in the skate industry for the past 2 1/2 years and this past week I set up my first vert board.

I used to want to learn how to kick flip, but now all I want to do is smoke the bowls at the park. Or hit up a good pool here and there. Or just drop in with out breaking my whole face.

Here is my new set up:
Thank you to Mimi Knoop, Cara-Beth Burnside, and the whole hoopla skateboards team for inspiring me and encouraging Woman's skateboarding

Here is my old set up:
Mini Logo 7.75" deck
sample white trucks glossy
BONES 53mm All Terrain Formula wheels
BONES HARDCORE Medium Bushings

In case you need a summary of what I changed up, here it is- This used to be my trade show cruising around the hood board... so it is skinner, the wheels are softer for going over gravel, and they are smaller. Oh, and the trucks just look pretty against the white background. I didn't want to scratch them (I am such a chic).
Yes, I had pink grip tape. I wanted it to be all girlie. Now this shit just gets dirty. Lol. Back to black!
Yeah all my favorite brands get a little spot on board. Yes, I kook it and I'm not sponsored. :P I have a freakish sticker obsession and will be stickering up my new hoopla deck once I get a wild hair up my butt!

Wish me luck! First session on my new board was Saturday and I am working on my wall rides and getting used to a bigger deck and faster, harder wheels.
Later skater.

PS. Did I tell you I was deathly afraid of the slam??????!?!?!??!?! AHAHHHH


Helen Weaver said...

You're so crazy, dropping into a pool! Don't bust that pretty face. So funny Juicy Couture is making skateboards now...hmmmmmmm.

cameraeye_34 said...

Nice ride ! You should have alot of fun with that.cheers and be safe !!!