Friday, April 22, 2011

RVCA Welcomes Charolette Free

This is Radical. Another reason why I just love RVCA. They recognize talent.

From their site-

"A few months back we got a call from our friend and RVCA advocate, photographer David Mushegain. He told us he just found an amazing new face in a video game arcade in LA. “YOU GUYS I FOUND THIS GIRL. SHES SO COOL. Pink hair, rad style, 5th generation Angeleno and a huge huge Lakers fan……Her name is CHARLOTTE FREE…you gotta meet her, we have to shoot her!!!” 

Mushegain shot her for Japan Vogue the next day and simultaneously began documenting her for RVCA. A few days later Charlotte was on a plane to NY where she signed with IMG models. Since then she has been causing chaos from LA to NY to Paris. In a couple months she went from playing video games at her local arcade (we didnt know there were still arcades around, but guess there are) to opening the Vivienne Westwood show during fashion week in London. Charlotte Rvles. You will be seeing a lot of her around RVCA. Check the gallery of shots Dave shot of her in Paris and links for some of her recent work and help us welcome the newest RVCA advocate Charlotte!"

 This chic is fine. Jocking on her steez. So stoked she is on board with RVCA.


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