Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well I guess if you read my blog then you are probably down with the 805 Area Code, because you know I represent my local area HARD and it looks like my boy Alejandro AKA LEXO THE GREAT is also down to represent, HARD if I might add!

Here is the track about my hood thanks to Lexo The Great

Download it HERE
Be on the look for the radio release of his new single 'Another Day' ft. Iration on April 17th!!!
Available on iTunes 4/20/2011!!
Follow Lexo on Twitter: @LexoGT
Download all his music for FREE @ www.GTRecordCo.com

Thanks for the shout out at Brophy's Primo!

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Helen Weaver said...

Hey Caterina!

I hope you don't mind, I borrowed some of your photos for a post on www.everythingheavenly.com

You don't have a contact e-mail listed and I temporarily de-activated my facebook account so this is the best I could do to let you know.

There is a contact e-mail on the website if you need to get in touch. Keep up the good work, I'm totally won over.