Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VCJ is Back...

Long before I even knew what skateboarding was, I knew this artist guy who lived next store to my grandmother on Fig Street in down town SB by the name of Court Johnson. I was about 6 years old and for about 4 years, my mother couldn't get me to come home because I was always doing art with our neighbor Court. Court has this amazing technique that just boggled my little 7 year old brain where he would make scratch marks (like MC Escher) into a black foam board then fill some with ink and white paint... His most famous and timeless piece of art that will forever be a staple in the history of skateboarding graphics called "The Ripper" is illustrated here:

You know the one? I hope so! I must say... and I say this with great passion and enthusiasm... but VCJ really was the first artist to come into my life whose work and persona has inspired me beyond words to express and create art work. So Thank you to Court.

We here at Skate One Corporation are very excited to announce that Vernon Courtlandt Johnson is back!
George Powell and VCJ

VCJ showing some of his art at the design review meeting with our art department

Can't wait to see what his first graphic is going to look like!

You may have already seen this, but Court also inspired this entire art show called "Rip The Ripper"... he even has Shepard Ferry paying homage to him..... RAD!

Stay tuned.

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