Sunday, January 9, 2011

Agenda Trade Show:: Anheim California

This year I had the pleasure of attending my first Agenda Trade Show

Enjoy the photos.

My second favorite skateboard distribution company NHS holding it down...
Rad idea. I like the product and the skill involved. Yes please. Good Wood NYC
Me working
An Origami Elephant
I couldn't walk past Girl Skateboards with out doing a double take of Eric Koston and Guy Mariano's faces as the Golden Girls. Classic.
Neff Headwear busy all day long 
Insight Clothing. Another brand whose clothing I adore... Love this new art project they have going.

Something you probably don't know about me: I am obsessed with sunglasses. Check out these Mosely Tribes shades. A hot brand with nice product. I like.

live art
KREW displaying their new men's accessories 
The Berrics skate boarding hard goods and accessories show room
 More Tavik Swimwear... new collection looking sexy
people congregating outside of the RVCA booth 
Sullen Artists
my coworker Mikey and I
My loot from the show
LOVE magazines, who doesn't? even better... LOVE going to trade shows and getting a bunch for free! One mag not feature here that I gave to my lil 18 yr old bro is NYLON MAG FOR GUYS

Inspiration Collage from Agenda
Nylon Magazine
Foam Magazine
Tavik Swimwear Summer 2011
Sullen Clothing
Transworld Surfing 
RAEN Optics




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