Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Punk Rock Princess:: Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark, also known as the "Anti-It Girl," has recently caught my eye, and it looks like she has been catching other peoples eyes for quite some time. Thank god for girls like her. Her punk rock style brings me back to my Junior High roots when I just started to get into the 'cool' music scene, too bad I didn't have the 'ganas' to wear this stuff back in 8th grade when I had no idea who  I was. I love celebrating Jesse's style when we have too many Jeffery Campbell Top Shop look alikes everywhere blogging it up for Nylon  Mag. Please.  Don't get me wrong though, I love all all of the above, I'm just saying. Jesse Jo defiantly embodies a California style that demands my attention. Damn girl, you make bad look so good. Check out more of her photos on The Cobra Snake and The Keegan Gibbs

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Constance said...

i LOVE these pictures!!!