Monday, October 25, 2010

A Case of The Mondays

Some photos I found that I really like .... I  have been sucking at blogging lately and I had to take some time and self reflect. Here are some pictures that have recently inspired me.
 I LOVE MERMAIDS! Now and forever! Can we say costume inspiration? I am thinking next year... Loving the netting!
Erin Wasson is a major babe and one of my muses. This photo is rad.

I am determined to get a Husky. A wolf dog as me and my babe call it. Some day soon when I  have the room, but I am getting ancy. How cute are these babies? I am in love.  Ahhh

One another note, Die Antwoord fucking rules. I saw them in SF and shook my butt the whole way through their set. I love their beats and they are funky fresh.

David Choe and The Ninja. I love this friendship they have. It makes me happy.

Happy Monday.

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