Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Annual Malibu Invitational

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite surf contests was held at First Point in Malibu, Ca. For the past three years, the Annual Malibu Invitational was held to help out Lyon Herron battle his fight with Garner's Syndrome. The community's efforts paid off and now Lyon is tumor free. This year, the event was held to benefit Malibu born and raised local, Jimmy Gamboa's & his wife's foundation TheraSURF. TheraSURF helps heal children with special needs by taking them into the ocean to catch some waves and enjoy the ocean. TheraSURF focuses a close attention to the intimate involvement with each kid and their families and close friends so all can share in the healing of the ocean together. Although I did not have the pleasure surfing with these kids individually, I can tell you first hand from the beach that they joy on their faces is so inspiring. It makes me so happy to see such an amazing event take place and see a community working so closely with each other. TheraSURF is truly inspiring. For more pictures of ThereSURF please go to the link above. Besides benefiting an awesome cause, the Invitational always has good weather, great people, & tasty waves for the surfers to enjoy. Thanks to Chappy for inviting my boyfriend to compete. Hope you enjoy the pics.
The coolest grom ever
Kilian and I
a full day at the beach
Chris Lineman from Volcom getting worked by stickers
KG, Tweet Mussio, Tarik, Ryan Simmons, Terry Mussio 
a heart shaped cloud just for me and Kilian
Tarik, Pascal Stansfield, and KG getting ready to kick off the party
Steven Lippman winning the Legends Division 
These boys think alike
Congrats Dillion Perillo on winning the Pro Am
the man of the event.... Jimmy Gamboa and TheraSurf


1st Place - Dillon Perillo

2nd Place - Pete Mussio

3rd Place - Danny Estes

4th Place - Killian Garland

Malibu Legends

1st Place - Steven Lippman

2nd Place - Evan Caples

3rd Place - Ricky Schaffer

4th Place - Mike Chipko

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